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Over the past 20 years we have been seeing the growing need of our local community and its people. Our main focus is on the children of  Pearston. These children grow up in the harshest of conditions and we as Sun Africa Safaris feels that we have a responsibility towards the town of Pearston and its children. Our projects started on a small scale with our local school and has been expanded to all parts of the community. Generous donations have been made by our hunting friends from all over the world. Our aim is to grow every year and we thank our hunting friend for all that they have done for our local community. May the great work continue.

''Sun Africa together with our clients have been making a large effort in uplifting our local community. We take great pride in giving a helping hand where we can. The greater the blessing the greater the responsibility''

Pierre Moolman


Pearston is a very hot and dry place with no recreational water in the summer.  Additionally, the landscape around Pearston is dominated by “African Daises”, small bags from the local market that are discarded, blow around and become snagged in the bushes.  We have decided to solve two problems with one project.  Partial funding is already in place for a Splash Park which will provide supervised recreational water for the children of Pearston to enjoy.  Weekly admission to this facility will not, however, be free.  Admission for all but the very youngest of children will be a small bag of trash, collected from the roadsides and bushes of Pearston.  Trash will become valuable; Children will learn that when I do something, I get rewarded and there will be less delinquency in Pearston.  This project requires additional Funding and we encourage your participation in this effort.


Sending a talented kid to school has always been one of our dreams. This year for the first time we we lucky enough to send our first young man to Gill College. Gill College is the same school that the Moolman's attended for 4 Generations. 

Shane de Bruin(13) starting attending Gill College in January of 2020 and is doing great. We look forward to seeing his growth in his new environment. Hopefully he can go from strength to strength.

Our projects started on a small scale with Annalie, who teaches 4th grade in the Pearston Primary School, asking our guests to bring simple school supplies such as crayons, pencils, paper and hard candy (used to bribe good behavior and the completion of homework) to supplement the meager supplies available to the School.  Every year, the donations become greater and more significant, with Hunters recently donating sports equipment, individual gifts for the children, over a dozen high-end Dell laptop computers, a Canon printer, reams of paper and lots of ink.  Two years ago, these children had never touched a computer and now Pearston School is starting a Computer Skills class.  Crayons, pencils, and paper are still desperately needed as well as sporting equipment and gifts for the children and we will continue to implore our guests to “Be a blessing as you have been Blessed”.  And our guests continue to respond with love and generosity!!




Last year, our Hunters provided funding for a Christmas Party for 200 of the youngest children in Pearston. There was a Christmas Tree, plenty of food and Father Christmas was present in his finest Red Santa Suit to personally gift each child with a small doll or a car wrapped in colourful Christmas Paper.  For almost every single one of these children, this was the only gift they received for Christmas.  In 2018, an increase in the generosity of our Hunters and their friends have enabled us to host an even bigger Christmas Party for over 600 children in Pearston. Father Christmas led the festivities and there was certainly JOY in this part of the world, all because those who have been blessed want to share their blessings.



Very generous donations to these projects have been made by our hunting friends from all over the world.  Our aim is to cultivate and increase this generosity every year as there is so much still to be done.  We thank our hunting friends for all that they have done for our local community and may the Blessings continue to flow.

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